Our Focus

We Focus on;

Psycho Social and Mental Wellness

• Lifestyle and Behavior Change Communication
• Mentorship
• Youth and Adolescent development
• Parenting and Family affairs in the 21st C
• Crime Prevention
• Alcohol, Drug Abuse and other forms of Addiction.

International Community Development

• Global outlook and prevailing social economic status
• Local, Regional and International Integration
• Networking: UN, IGOs, Governments, Communities and Civil Societies
• Youth and Women in Inclusive Community Development
• Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Social-Economic Livelihoods

• Alternative livelihoods in an emerging new economic world order
• Innovative and skill-based income generating activities
• Youth focused empowerment support systems
• Evidence based sustainable economic models
• Technology in social services and product marketing

Health and Environments

• Safe and healthy living environments
• Clean water, sanitation and hygiene
• School and community based environmental awareness
• Climate change and impact reduction interventions
• Green, renewable energy options

Humanitarian and Spiritual Support

• Support for basic needs
• Focus on vulnerable groups: Children, PUDs, VODV, Refugees
• Emergency responses
• Spiritual counselling and mentorship (non-denominational)

Soberlife Pillars

• Passion
• Integrity
• Balance
• Openness
• Empathy
• Inclusiveness