A Vibrant, Inclusive
and Sustainable Community in
the 4th Generation?

It is Possible. Let's Act. Now.

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Who is Soberlife.

This is a heart driven initiative to bring a sense of sobriety, responsibility, behavior and attitude change in the community Founded by a former juvenile Paul and other visionary youths, the initiative is meant to bring a lasting positive transformation in society. The main objective is to is to reach out to people of diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds and mentor them into taking charge of their lives, their families and that of their community while solving common challenges.

Our Vision

To have a vibrant generation of leaders who are conscious of their own and community’s needs and responsibly striving to attain the best outcomes.

Our Mission

To mentor the community, in making decisions and implementing actions that will chart a good path for their lives and result in a better destiny for themselves, their families and communities.

Our Objective

The main objective is to connect people of diverse social, economic and cultural backgrounds and mentor them into a positive mindset of positive lifestyles for positive local and international community development interventions in tune with the prevailing global realities.

- Paul Kogi, Founder

Our Approach

Outreaches & Projects Highlights

Our Focus

1. Psycho Social and Mental Wellness

• Lifestyle and Behavior Change Communication
• Mentorship
• Youth and Adolescent development
• Parenting and Family affairs in the 21st C
• Crime Prevention
• Alcohol, Drug Abuse and other forms of Addiction.

2. International Community Development

• Global outlook and prevailing social economic status
• Local, Regional and International Integration
• Networking: UN, IGOs, Governments, Communities and Civil Societies
• Youth and Women in Inclusive Community Development
• Sustainable Development Goals

3. Sustainable Social-Economic Livelihoods

• Alternative livelihoods in an emerging new economic world order
• Innovative and skill-based income generating activities
• Youth focused empowerment support systems
• Evidence based sustainable economic models
• Technology in social services and product marketing

4. Health and Environment

• Safe and healthy living environments
• Clean water, sanitation and hygiene
• School and community based environmental awareness
• Climate change and impact reduction interventions
• Green, renewable energy options

5. Humanitarian and Spiritual Support

• Support for basic needs
• Focus on vulnerable groups: Children, PUDs, VODV, Refugees
• Emergency responses
• Spiritual counselling and mentorship (non-denominational)

Our Pillar

Soberlife Pillars












Our Partners